The founder :

The beautiful stories of pearls and stones always begin with the keen gaze of a passionate person. NXB are the initials for Nicolas Xavier Boureau, the founder of this jewelry store and explorer of the lagoons of Tahiti where authentic treasures are found, the Tahitian pearls. Through the creation of this artisan boutique, this pearl hunter puts himself at the service of those who are looking, just like him, for a jewel in genuine cultured pearls and in their original color, to offer.

Over 20 years ago, this self-made man left Paris for the other side of the world. Where the sky and the ocean are one and where nature displays its most beautiful riches: the Tahitian pearls with endless colors and captivating reflections.

Tahitian pearls, the purest cultured pearls in the world

Like all novices, Nicolas then learns about their rarity and their purity. Unlike other cultured pearls, they do not receive any treatment to make them more colorful or brighter. They are so by their nature and by the incredible time left by the best pearl farmers in the world to flourish, taking care of their good health throughout their lives, supported by an eco-system exceptionally preserved from almost any pollution.

They shine more than others and get their color in their natural state due to the multitude of layers of mother-of-pearl they contain. This thickness is due to the 18 months spent in the transparent lagoons of French Polynesia. The other pearls of the world, apart from the Australian pearls, develop between 3 to 6 months at sea only, for a better yield, while the quality is always privileged for the “black pearls” of Tahiti. It is only on this condition of maturity that the Ministry of the Pearl of the Autonomous Government of Tahiti does grant them the official name of "Tahitian pearl".

Nicolas Boureau is captivated by this gem. For several months, he traveled the pearl farms in the atolls from Manihi (Tuamotus archipelago) to Mangareva (Gambier archipelago) and lived directly in contact with grafters, mostly Japanese, with whom he gradually became a friend. . He will collect secrets and a fierce desire to protect this territory. The pearl farmers then asked him to join them to protect the lagoons while maintaining an economic activity which supports hundreds of inhabitants in conditions that are certainly magnificent, but difficult to live with.
Subsequently, he found a job in a jewelry store in Polynesia and received clients from all over the world, many of them Japanese and Americans. Demanding, but also aware of the value of Tahitian pearls since their origin, due to their rarity.

Tahitian pearls on fully personalized frames

In August 1999, an anecdote made him switch to the side of entrepreneurs. A couple meet Nicolas, who tells them the story of pearls. The woman will fall for a magnificent ring setting mounted with a blue pearl, but also on a fabulous gray-green pearl mounted on a pendant. The workshop will refuse to make the change when Nicolas knows full well that the transfer is possible.

He will ask the company to review its policy, defending the Customer against all odds. He will eventually leave the workshop and choose to present hundreds of nude pearls in incredible colors on one side and frames on the other. From then on, he made sure to be able to meet demand, both for Customers and for collectors in search of exceptional pearls. Getting the jewel of his dreams then becomes a reality that he can offer.

Nicolas Boureau will open several jewelry stores and will ally himself with hotel partners of very high standing, also keen to meet the expectations of demanding international customers.

Today, Nicolas's treasures are available in the NXB Perles craft store, at 54 de la Galerie Vivienne in Paris (2nd arrondissement).

Why Galerie Vivienne in Paris?

Nicolas Boureau is very attached to atmospheres, atmospheres. He needed a place with a soul, a space where the pleasure of strolling was as important as that of buying an exceptional gem. So, when he heard about the completion of the renovation work on the Galerie Vivienne, a magnificent place filled with history, he immediately looked for a local and a little luck helped him find the location exactly. where the two main axes of the gallery intersect!

What do we find there?
The collections presented in the NXB boutique are the result of the complementary experiences of Nicolas and Melynda, his longtime collaborator.

The collection is magnificent. It is the result of a rigorous selection over several years and it shows at first glance.

A thousand pearls, from blue to turquoise, from gold to silver, from black to white, from purple to eggplant unfold before your eyes where the nuances play with the light. They will become, at your will, adornments, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings or collectibles.

Where do Tahitian pearls come from?

From Tahiti you will tell me… yes but not only…

You have to go to Polynesia, of course, to find these pearls, but you have to go much further to find the most beautiful pearls.

Tahitian pearls are exclusively produced in the lagoons of the purest atolls of Polynesia. Sold in our jewelry store, they benefit from a special setting, that of a company of enthusiasts, invested in the quality and origin of the pearls.

The cultivation of the Tahitian pearl is the longest in the world among all cultured pearls. The mother-of-pearl to be grafted must therefore be in excellent health and evolve in the purest possible waters to have the maximum chances of giving birth to a pearl of such a diameter and of such quality. It will thus be able to give birth to an exceptional pearl. And only oysters in this category (10% of production) can be grafted again for an additional 18 months. If the miracle happens again, it can be re-transplanted. Imagine the tiny percentage chance of having a perfect pearl of 14 or even 15 or 16 millimeters ...

The “pinctada margaritifera”, the pearl oyster from French Polynesia, lives for 15 years at most. Pearl farmers who have trained and kept the best grafters will therefore have an infinitesimal possibility of being able to graft up to 5 times an oyster that has been able to give birth to pearls of good quality throughout its life.

During your visit to the NXB Galerie Vivienne jewelry store, you can choose pearls from the 1st (naturally) but up to the 5th graft (imagine, this is the rarest thing IN THE WORLD ...) You will find pearls of all colors and shapes there.
In the jewelry store's private collection of nude pearls, there is even a perfectly round 18.70mm pearl on display, one of the rarest Tahitian pearls in the world.
In store, you can also choose your pearl and your setting in 18K gold (or in 925/000 silver). They will all be presented to you assembled, to allow you to better imagine the jewel, once finished.

Take the opportunity to choose YOUR pearl and your setting according to your taste and your budget. NXB will put them together to make it YOUR gem.

The story of a personalized jewel at a ... tailor-made price

Imagine ... you arrive at the jewelry store; you take the time to admire the pearls and jewelry. You are welcomed into an intimate setting, where you are pampered, nothing will disturb your attention and the team will always be there for you, with the sole aim of helping you find YOUR pearl for YOUR jewel.

Come and choose your frame, in silver or 18K gold, we will offer you rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks ...
Note that you can also come with your old jewelry to update them or replace a pearl. That’s the NXB cool spirit!

So, what is cool in NXB spirit?

1)    Personalize the jewel according to YOU, your taste, but also according to your budget. We will choose your pearl (s) together according to the aforementioned criteria, your skin color, or to “match” with the color of your eyes, or with your favorite color. Please note that we work a lot with Clients who did not think they could afford a Tahitian pearl necklace (row). But at NXB, this is possible since we will select each pearl together according to your budget. EMOTICONE HAPPY

2)    Rejuvenate the image of the pearl. Very often, pearls refer to grandmother's necklaces and strict outfits. NXB's Tahitian pearls remain of course timeless jewels, but the range of frames prove a modernity that will adapt to all styles. Chic, casual, rock, each personality finds its jewel in Tahitian pearl (s). Finally, also, we are delighted to make men as happy as women with our creations. EMOTICONE HAPPY    

3)    We are above all (committed) hunters of rare pearls. It is common for our Customers to ask us for a pearl that they cannot find in jewelry. It is necessary to have access to auctions, to the productions of pearl farms or to stocks of Tahitian pearl wholesalers to find the rare pearl. NXB already has thousands of them. But, beyond that, NXB will take note of your special search request and try to find the coveted pearl, probably for a unique occasion, right? EMOTICONE HAPPY

We hope to have seduced you with our entrepreneurial spirit, we will be delighted to welcome you the next time you visit the neighborhood or on our site. You will discover the natural charm and the unalterable power of Tahitian pearls.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.
54, Galerie Vivienne
75002 Paris